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Solar Freedom

Energy is Free!

Solar Freedom SRL is specialize in products that use solar energy.


why Solar Freedom?

  • Excellence in products based on solar energy
  • Excellent services for clients
  • Solar energy is free, clean, green, renewable!

Echipa SF

Echipa Our team, Solar Freedom gives you Excellence in all services for you.


Our Office from Sibiu, Cărămidăriei Nr. 69

Sediul nostru din Sibiu - Solar Freedom


All the products Solar Freedom are based by solar energy.
We have solutions for you with PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS for personal or industrial use, inside or street lighting and a lot of gadgets.
Our core business is Photovoltaics but we have, also, solar panels for heating water, or all the house.
We provide solar energy, performant batteries and automated systems for green house.